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A: How about this: Then, it will show like: The x-ray image analysis to digital processing field, which is a technology that analyzes the image data acquired by irradiating a subject with x-rays, calculates characteristic amounts related to the image data, and displays the data on a display means such as a CRT, has been rapidly developed in recent years. The image analysis technique that uses a digital computer system has rapidly been enhanced in the progress of the reduction in costs of semiconductor devices and the computer technology, and application to a wide variety of fields is expected. For example, the present inventors have proposed a technique for recording the density distribution of each element in the specimen based on the results of x-ray analysis (see Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2000-282301). The x-ray analysis is based on the fact that the optical density of the element (or the element concentration) of the specimen is proportional to the intensity of the characteristic x-ray emitted by the element (or the element concentration). The above-mentioned proposed technique performs the analysis on the results of the measurement of x-ray intensity in each of the elements by using a characteristic x-ray. Therefore, it is possible to accurately obtain the element concentration of the specimen based on the analysis results. However, the conventional technique cannot solve the problem that the wavelength dispersion characteristic of the characteristic x-ray absorption coefficient Σ(α/E) causes errors in the measurement of the x-ray intensity of the characteristic x-ray and the analysis results, and therefore cannot obtain the accurate analysis results.Q: Android Room entities are not added to database I am trying to add entities to an Android Room database using Kotlin. I am very new to Kotlin and Room, so I might be doing a very stupid mistake, but I don't know it. I want to write values from a class, a subclass of RoomEntity, to the database. The subclass has a one-to-one relationship with